SOFTEKS 360' Virtual Tour Creator

SOFTEKS 360' Virtual Tour Creator 1.005

Softeks Virtual Tour Creator is a complete software system,...

Softeks Virtual Tour Creator is a complete software system, designed to create, view and publish 360 degree virtual tours without requirements for a special equipment or skills.

All-in-one solution - for one price you get the high-quality and performance product aimed for professionals and no skills and special equipment requirements with easy steps virtual tour creation aimed for home users.

Softeks Virtual Tour Creator provides the simple interface and steps for virtual tour development and enables everyone to create within a short time even a large interactive Virtual Tour of apartments with many rooms.

Virtual Tour provides as much feeling of a real presence to a virtual visitor, as possible. Benefits of Virtual Tour: * Panorama Viewer full-screen tours help show your facilities in a better, clearer, more comprehensive way than your competitors.

* Potential customers can familiarize themselves with your facilities, 24 hours a day, without the time, cost and inconvenience of traveling - increasing your potential market.

* Maintain visitors interest in your website, increasing the chances of inquiry which you can turn into a sale or visit. * Provide more of the space, atmosphere and character of your facilities than traditional photos alone.

* Reduce your customers fear of the unknown, and increase their trust and empowerment by allowing them to explore your locations freely. * Eye-catching panoramic images can be used in your advertising or promotional materials, or to create traditional and unique products capable of generating revenue.

Main features of Panorama Viewer:1. Support automatic stitching2. Recognize the lens type automatically3. Stitch panoramas from any regular photo camera4.

Links together rooms and stores and allows virtual visitors to move from one to another5. Saves the virtual tour as an executable file, so users can easily share them.

6. Integrate easily into into your website7. Publish at request the resulting virtual tour on www. onre. eu Real Estate website8. Email a tour of the Property9.

Add a plan of Virtual Tour, music background. Pricing - the price for one license of Softeks Virtual Tour Creator is as low as 99Eur. Please contact us for obtaining multiple licenses.

SOFTEKS 360' Virtual Tour Creator


SOFTEKS 360' Virtual Tour Creator 1.005